A discussion on polygamy

Origin of Latter Day Saint polygamy Many early converts to the religion including Brigham Young, [9] Orson Prattand Lyman Johnsonrecorded that Joseph Smith was teaching plural marriage privately as early as or Pratt reported that Smith told some early members in and that plural marriage was a true principle, but that the time to practice it had not yet come. In as much as this church of Christ has been reproached with the crime of fornication, and polygamy: During this period the Prophet Joseph took several other wives.

A discussion on polygamy

It is a made-up faith that abuses women and children. Secrecy is always essential to abuse. Crazy people hurting children have no place claiming to be disciples of God.

And it not about money bc if you werent taking notice that the mormon church donates thousand of blankets,food,clothes, etc… but of course you wouldnt know bc your not an memeber btw the blankets,food,clothes, and etc… are also for non memebers who NEED help John March 11, at 4: John March 11, at 4: Kyle October 23, at Blake March 24, at 7: Looking at good sources.

If you really want to know please visit mormon. Pray and ask God. If he loves you like I know he does he will answer you. Really why would God not allow us the blessings of prophets in a day that is so evil and wicked. God has always called prophets!

Derrick April 4, at 7: It is a Christian church. The prophet Thomas S. The money from tithing goes to fund church buildings and programs. I feel so very sorry and sad for you. You sound like a confused angry person. Satan is the father of all confusion and anger.

Something to think about. Shar July 21, at 9: But they were excommunicated by the Mormon church for not stopping the practice of polygamy.

A discussion on polygamy

Once plural marriages were made illegal is when the LDS Church quit practicing polygamy cuz it was unlawful. The LDS Church members do not practice polygamy. We are totally against it since it became a law.

You can visit http: I promise you will love the feeling of going to the LDS Church. No no no September 2, at 7: Any church founded on perverts will go to hell.

A discussion on polygamy

The devil knows the bible inside out. The only bible you need is the Holy Bible! The Word Of God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.

The faith and truth of God Almighty never left the earth. God cannot be mocked.

During the enthronement of Inkosi Mzukuzuku recently, Rev Nyondo irked ngoni chiefs when he spoke against drinking and polygamy because it is sinful and against the doctrine of the Presbyterian. Posts dedicated to events or current trends in mainstream media dealing with topics about the LDS Church and other General announcements of interest. Origin of Latter Day Saint polygamy • Lateth century Mormon polygamy • Manifesto • Second Manifesto () • Council of Friends.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.Polygamy is one of those things that always seems to come up when discussing Islam. Be it in banterous conversations between a husband and wife (which never end too well!) or during a serious discussion circle between ‘akhis’ on a Friday night.

The term polygamy (literally many marriages in late Greek) is used in related ways in social anthropology and sociobiology. In social anthropology, polygamy is the practice of marriage to more than one spouse simultaneously (as opposed to monogamy where each person has only one spouse at a time).

Like monogamy, the term is often used in a de facto sense, applying regardless of whether the. Top 15 Questions on Polygamy Answered By Kevin leBaron. 1. What is a normal day in the life of a polygamist? A day in the life of a polygamist is much the same as that of anybody else in the world.

The discussion ends with some practical suggestions for us in the Church today: why should we know the details of the early Church history of polygamy more than a century after the fact and how can we talk about this polygamous history better in the Church.

Apr 22,  · But what we are asking for is in fact polygamy, the term polygamy basically means "many marriages" but it can also relate to having a number of relationships where there is a sense of having some kind of spousal commitment to a number of people at the one time where as polyamory instead means "many loves" and the relationship aspect in this.

Mormon Polygamy, Polyandry & Underage Brides

I have always been Mormon. I started with the primary basics and grew in faith and testimony. I was raised at the height of correlation - where only faith promoting stories were given to me as part of my heritage.

There was once a moment in my life where I claimed that I KNEW every.

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