A study of the profession of a social worker

Being a social worker takes a certain kind of person, and a certain kind of passion, to help individuals and families restore their capacity for social functioning, as well as create the right conditions that support communities in need. First and foremost, the practice of social work requires knowledge of human development and behavior, of social, economic and cultural institutions, and of the interaction of all these factors. In order to be successful, you must possess the skills to effectively do your job. The training you receive in school, as well as during internships, will help you develop many of the social work-related skills that will serve you as you grow in your profession.

A study of the profession of a social worker

The purpose of the social work profession is to promote and enhance human and community wellbeing, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of those who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty.

Our curriculum provides engaging learning opportunities in the classroom and in the field to help students develop the knowledge, values and skills needed for professional practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

Social workers are needed in many settings, such as schools, hospitals, mental health clinics, family counseling programs, substance abuse programs, senior centers and the military.

This internship allows students to practice the skills they learned in the classroom. For More Information Be a Social Worker Small Classes, Experienced Teachers Because of our small class sizes, our students have the opportunity to work closely with our faculty members, all of whom are experienced social workers who continue to be involved in the community.

The BSW is a professional degree that provides graduates with the opportunity to begin their job search with some well-established contacts in the social service community, and a significant amount of practical experience. To earn a bachelor degree, all graduates must successfully complete credit hours.

Minimum of 32 credits must be taken at Centenary University.

A study of the profession of a social worker

All graduates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2. All graduates must have a minimum of 2. Courses that are special topic listed in the title, typically ending with a 99, are repeatable. Courses are counted multiple times and do not replace grades of the previous special topic course.

Credits can only be shared between the core and the major or core and minor requirements. Shared credits within the core requirements is not allowed.

Students will be guided by the degree audit sheet in effect at the time they declare specific major s. Transfer students entering their junior year may apply to the BSW program concurrently with their application to the University.

And that during my training as a Social Worker I will conduct myself as becomes a student of the profession of Social Work and uphold its reputation. The most important principles are contained in a code of professional conduct, which all social workers must follow. “Violence against social workers has become an inherent risk of the profession, and undeniably one that needs to be addressed on a national scope,” wrote Saturno, who lives in Westchester, New York and was the NASW-New York State/Westchester Division Social Worker of the Year. Social service is arm giving, or charity or volunteer work, where social work is professional work. they also study and go under practicum like or better than any other profession. Social work curriculum is based on both theory and practice.

A GPA at or above 2. Click here for the University Catalog Financial Aid Being able to pay for attending college is no easy task. Located in the Seay Building, the Office of Financial Aid offers assistance to you and your parents to ensure that you have the financial resources to focus on your education.Social Work Case Study- How I Applied Social Work Skills through Sessions with Mother and Son Words | 11 Pages Introduction Being aware of oneself as a social worker is imperative if one plans to be an effective and competent social worker.

According to Washington State social worker Brian Waterman, social workers often come from the ranks of the “Idealist” or “NF” — “Intuitive Feeling” — temperament as determined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a psychological personality diagnostic. Finally, is the range of opportunities for a social worker in the field of social work.

Social workers can be found in hospital, schools, community health agencies, and international organizations just to name a few. School Social Work: State of the Profession Laura Richard, LCSW, CSSWS, Where is the school social worker voice in this process?

LOUISIANA State/International studies of School Social Work Study Results Illinois Kelly (). The media reaction when a social worker makes a mistake can be hugely demoralising for the whole profession - and a one-sided view and scary myths help nobody, says Ben Crang.

It's one of the reasons he got involved with Protecting Our Children. Study 12 Chap. 16 -- The Social Worker and the System flashcards from Martha G. on StudyBlue.

Chap. 16 -- The Social Worker And The System; an implicit or explicit agreement between a profession and a client that the information given by the client .

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