An analysis of the political cartoon about the presidential campaign between mitt romney and newt gi

With cameras rolling, the target has only a handful of options to deal with the embarrassing situation.

An analysis of the political cartoon about the presidential campaign between mitt romney and newt gi

But I know a way he could pull it off, and my wife, Gena, even dreamed about it.

An analysis of the political cartoon about the presidential campaign between mitt romney and newt gi

I said that I would vote for whichever candidate won the GOP nomination. As of this writing, it appears to be Romney. Truthfully, I believe that Mitt has the skills and organization to defeat Obama and stop his fundamental transformation of America.

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We all know what four more years of increased socialistic decisions would do to our country. And before the GOP fractures with a third-party candidate as it did in and and hands over the election again in doing so, I want to propose to Romney a way to rally the GOP base and even, I believe, those who dislike him.

If the Obama campaign machine and its mainstream media minions are already pigeon-holing Romney as "extreme" and "right-wing" are you kidding?! Does anyone remember the plight of Sarah Palin with Sen. General election apathy and depression in the fall could take their toll. But if he would take the following course of action, they might find backing him much more palatable.

The idea is this, and it is not my idea but the action of President Abraham Lincoln. In addition to topping charts and receiving scholarly acclaim, the book itself is political genius and outlines the crucial strategy needed not only to rally the present GOP base but also to win the White House and save our republic.

I also wrote about this unifying strategy in a former column, "The 8th Miracle To Save America," which can be read at http: In addition, several cabinet members personally disliked each other: Stanton, who replaced Cameron in January Goodwin deals with this question better than any other writer.

Lincoln recognized the wisdom of Jesus when it came to collective success: Next week, I will not only elaborate more on this concept of a team of rivals and the people I believe should be a part of it but also share the inspiring dream Gena had, which we both hope comes true.Fox News (officially known as the Fox News Channel, commonly abbreviated to FNC) is a United States pay television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Century channel broadcasts primarily from studios at Avenue of the Americas in New York News is provided in 86 countries or overseas territories worldwide, with international broadcasts.

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The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs. A key difference between the first George W. Bush presidential campaign and the current Romney campaign is that Karl Rove managed Dubya, but no one manages Mitt.

According to the New York Times Romney chose to have Clint Eastwood give his incoherent endorsement speech at the Republican National Convention.

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Romney did an endorsement ad for Mourdock. The GOP presidential candidate should have told the Indiana U.S. Senate candidate to pull the ad .

Actually, the condemnations are coming from none other than candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Campaign finance law has made a mockery of our political campaign season,” Romney said Tuesday morning on MSNBC.

election campaign and then proposed no reforms to resuscitate the presidential public financing system . Peace activist and spiritual leader Rabbi Arthur Waskow and activist and SDS vet Carl Davidson, joined Thorne Dreyer on Rag Radio, Friday, Oct.

28, , p.m. (CT), to discuss the life and legacy of Tom Hayden. Listen to the podcast here.

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