Boston massacre trial essay

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Boston massacre trial essay

Eyewitness accounts of the Boston Massacre In the weeks following the shooting of five people in King Street on March 5thmore than 90 people from all ranks of colonial society gave depositions about what they had seen.

Later that year, townspeople made up the bulk of the witness lists for both the prosecution and defence during the trials of Captain Preston and the other soldiers. Below is a selection of these eyewitness accounts of the Boston Massacre, as reported to the trial hearing: I then saw a party of soldiers loading their muskets about the Custom-house door, after which they all shouldered.

Captain Preston was then standing by the soldiers, when a snow ball struck a grenadier, who immediately fired, Captain Preston standing close by him. Preston, and know him well. The soldiers fired as fast as they could one after another. Gray, after struggling, turned himself right round upon his heel and fell dead.

Soon after, he perceived a number of soldiers coming down towards the sentinel, with their arms in a horizontal posture and their bayonets fixed… The people before the Custom-house drew up before the door, the people who still remained in the street and about the soldiers continued calling out to them to fire.

About four or five minutes after they were posted, the snowballs now and them coming towards the soldiers, the Captain commanded them to fire.

At this time I was between the soldiers and the mob, parleying with and endeavouring all in my power to persuade them to retire peaceably, but to no purpose. They [the civilians] advanced to the points of the bayonets, struck some of them and even the muzzles of the pieces, and seemed to be endeavouring to close with the soldiers.

On which some well behaved persons asked me if the guns were charged. They then asked me if I intended to order the men to fire. As soon as the snow balls were thrown, and a club, a soldier fired. I heard the club strike upon the Gun and the corner man next the lane said fire and immediately fired.

This was the first gun.

Boston massacre trial essay

I am so sure that I thought it was he that spoke. That next gun fired and so they fired through pretty quick. Came to the Chapel. Was told there was no fire but something better, there was going to be a fight. Some had buckets and bags and some clubs. I went to the west end of the Town House where [there] were a number of people.

I saw some soldiers coming out of the guard house with their guns and running down one after another to the Custom house. Saw the soldiers planted by the Custom house two deep. I saw Captain Preston out from behind the Soldiers. In the front at the right.ISRAEL. AND THE WORLD'S MOCK TRIAL.



Introduction. 2. Turning The Tables Around to See In The Eyes of a Jew. The Unlikely Scenario. The Boston Massacre Essay Words | 11 Pages. The Boston Massacre was and is still a debatable Massacre. The event occurred on March 5, It involved the rope workers of the colonial Boston and two British regiments, the twenty-ninth and the fourteenth regiments.

The Boston Massacre can be considered as one of the highlights of the American History. There are many speculations and documentations about the Boston Massacre. This would be further discussed in the paper.

The Boston Massacre had happened in March 5, A selection of eyewitness accounts of the Boston Massacre, given voluntarily by Bostonian citizens. Michele McPhee Inks Book Deal on Boston Marathon Bombing. By Dianna Dilworth on January 5, Author/ABC News producer Michele McPhee has landed a book deal with for World English rights with University Press of New England for a new book which will explore the Boston Marathon bombing.

Boston Massacre Essay.

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Trial Brief. The Outcome. After deliberating for about three hours, the jurors found all the soldiers innocent of murder, but judged Pvts.

Montgomery and Killroy guilty of manslaughter.

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