Brand perception research papers

Study on Consumer Behavior towards Smartphones in India Abstract This paper basically examines the factors that impact the purchasing decision of a Smartphone buyer in India. This research is to analyze the internal and external factors affecting the purchasing behavior of the consumer. The research will also throw some light on price factor. Initial problem structuring involves the Stakeholder analyses, Behavior over Time graph and Causal loops.

Brand perception research papers

The study also examined the impact of Brand perception research papers elements that make up Nation Brand on the attitude of its audiences. An online survey approach was used to collect the data with a sample of Vietnamese Citizens and non-citizens.

Findings of this empirical research indicate that Vietnam is perceived by its Citizens through only Tourism, Political efforts of the government GovernancePeople and Export dimensions while all six dimensions of Anholt's Hexagon People, Tourism, Governance, Investment, Culture, Export existed in the perception of non-citizens.

It could not be done without the sincere support and guidance of many people. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude for their enthusiasm and kindness: During doing this thesis, she has provided me lots of valuable instructions and materials to help my thesis going in a right direction.

Her strict requirements in conducting a research make me more improved both in knowledge and scientific skill. In spite of remote distance, her careful and strict guidance are forced me to complete the thesis at its best. Scales of Vietnam Nation Brand Table 3.

Scales of Brand Attitude toward Vietnam Table 4. Evolution of Branding theories Figure 2. Conceptual framework of the study Figure 5. Nation Branding Index Sig: Observed significance level SPSS: Due to the globalization, countries have to compete each other to attract investment inwards, tourists, talents as well as to boost their exports Dinnie, Anholt the father of "Nation branding" concept, in his book "Brand New Justice: Nation Branding, theorefore, has got lots of attentions of academics in the world.

Kaneva, found articles on nation branding were published between and August However, due to the complexity and diversity of nation branding in real world, Dinnie concluded that this topic currently is a controversial phenomenon with too much practices but little theories. It is required that more academic and empirical studies to be conducted to create more knowledge over the topic, especially on the cases of developing and transitional countries.

In this respect, this thesis hopes to contribute more to the research field of Nation Branding with findings from the reality of Vietnam. RenovationVietnam basically transited into the market economy from the old system of centrally planned economy which strongly associated with communism doctrine.

The country is also known as one of the most dynamic emerging economies in East Asia region.

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Those will bring various opportunities and challenges for the country in a more competitive environment. However, Vietnam economy has been facing with many challenges on the path of development.

As we can see in the figure 1. Vietnam General Statistics Office In recent years, statistical figures on many main aspects of the economy: As a results, the export volume is higher year by year but the export value decreased correspondingly because of reduced selling price.Nation Brand perception and attitude from Citizen and Non-citizen perspectives in Vietnam - An exploratory study - PhD Candidate Van Ha Luong - Master's Thesis - Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

Title Students Brand Preferences between Apple and Samsung Samsung Smartphone Methodology Quantitative research approach Conclusion This study showed that brand with high value of brand equity and Brand equity is the value associated with the marketing activities that enhanced the overall offering such that a premium could be earned.

study the consumer perception towards branded shirts and retail garment showrooms of India.

Brand perception research papers

Both listed and unlisted players cater to the branded apparel market. There are a small. In this paper, a novel application of the event-related potential (ERP) method is proposed. The authors applied an N evoked potential for brand perception analysis, particularly for brand associations.

Traditionally, N has been used as a marker of semantic incongruence of a word to a context. The N activity is manifested in a more negative deflection of ERP response to incongruent. An Exploratory Study of Product and Brand Positioning Typologies with Respect to Pharmaceutical Companies.

Equity Research report on India Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals in , India is also the developing a specific marketing makes to influence potential customers overall perception of a brand, product line, or organization in general. The research is about the consumer perception of ASDA brand image.

Many researches have been done on branding and researcher showed how it creates a positive image and trust in their mind.

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