Com 101 tutorial 4 week 11

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Com 101 tutorial 4 week 11

Wednesday, June 11, Machine Quilting Working your way around the quilt Welcome to the next installment of the Machine Quilting series! Today we will be talking about how to work your way around the quilt, where to start, and how to manage the bulk.

I can't take credit for that genius sub-title.

Com 101 tutorial 4 week 11

Cindy came up with it at retreat a few years ago and I'm finally getting around to using it! Where do I start? I certainly don't mark the sections before hand, I subconsciously break it down into sections as I work. When painting a wall "they" say that you are supposed to keep a wet edge.

Keep working side to side, back and forth in small sections. Fill in the empty spaces as you go. Avoid leaving a big un-quilted section in the center, or in any section, for that matter, or the potential for puckers is high. You don't want puckers! I do quilt every which way, but things seem to flow easiest when working from left to right.

If you look back at the diagram, at the quilt as a whole, I basically work my way from left to right in one big oval.

The Straight and Narrow: Straight line quilting if you are a perfectionist isn't easy. The most commonly asked question I get when it comes to straight line quilting is: To that I say, it depends!

Just what you wanted to hear, right? It depends largely on how your machine behaves.

This is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. Unformatted text preview: PHYS Tutorial ­ Week 11 Topics of this tutorial: Oscillations, Simple Harmonic Motion (SHO), waves, intensity, interference, refraction Problems from Giancoli Fisherman’s scale [ a) Godot 3 Tutorial–GDScript Programming This video will teach you how to program using the built in scripting language, GDScript. In addition to learning the basics of GDScript development, this tutorial also walks you through the script editor and teaches you how to debug your code. This is the 12th tutorial for the Arduino/Genuino Starter Kit. With the arduino tutorial moves on, you may come up with ideas based on wireless data exchange, such as a mobi8le weather station, or a portable heart rate monitor. Thanks to the on-board Bluetooth module, Genuino can work.

That means you've got to do some testing on your machine and see how things go If your machine feeds the layers through the quilt evenly, then you can quilt in any direction that you choose. You've seen it, I'm sure.

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I've done it more times than I care to admit. There are a few more examples in this post. This can be caused by a variety of things and usually it's not just one factor at play.

In this case I was trying to straight line quilt with a medium loft batting Drag is a part of straight line quilting. If it's subtle, it can be dealt with by quilting the entire quilt in the same direction, from the top down.

If your quilt is large, that's a whole lot of bulk to wrestle though the harp of your machine. It was a struggle, because this quilt is 80" x 88".

Twice, actually, because I quilted straight lines side to side and top to bottom. I still remember how happy I was when I was done quilting it. There was more than one huge sigh of relief! One other thing I've learned over the years when it comes to straight line quilting is that not all machines do it equally well.

My Janome feeds the quilt through much better than my Juki. I've written more about that in this post. This quilt was quilted on my Janome last summer.

And for that, I am so very thankful!!! That will help to ease the drag factor. There is so much more that I could cover, but hopefully that helps a little! When machine quilting, whether free motion quilting, straight line quilting or spiral quiltin g, as shown in this photo having a good support system is key.

Sometimes I will use a tray table or two to help support the quilt instead. I usually end up holding a good portion of the quilt on my lap, too! There is no way around the bulk, because quilts are just thatHow to: Legacies Welcome to the latest instalment of our “Star Wars” themed series! To date, we have had a look at Direct Mail , Thank you letters , Look for sustained giving over multiple years, I would chose loyalty over capacity any day of the week.

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Com 101 tutorial 4 week 11

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Access All + Tutorials. Starting at $/month – Unlimited Streaming. Sign up to receive free tutorials each week! Let's Make Jersey Yarn from a T-Shirt: A DIY Tutorial I made some t-shirt yarn this week. Start with a couple old t-shirts. The key for this to work is to choose an unprinted t-shirt that has no side seams below the arms of the shirt.

I made some t-shirt yarn this week. A few months ago, I promised a marshmallow tutorial –WITH PHOTOS! – to Laura and Karen, to prove that, YES!, they can make marshmallows at, soft, happy, puffy marshmallows that taste much better than any you’ll find at the grocery.

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