Gcse mathematics past papers

Download File Solutions Solutions are in video form only with full worked answers. Each goes through the solution step by step. Please feel free to use and distribute the papers for free. The email will be from mrsteveblades at gmail.

Gcse mathematics past papers

Ratios Introduction If the ratio of one length to another is 1: If a boy has 5 sweets and a girl has 3, the ratio of the boy's sweets to the girl's sweets is 5: Ratios behave like fractions and can be simplified. The video below explains more about how to calculate ratios.

Past Papers for Mathematics

Example Simon made a scale model of a car on a scale of 1 to The height of the model car is 10cm. The ratio of the lengths is 1: So for every 1 unit of length the small car is, the real car is So if the small car is 10 units long, the real car is units long.

If the small car is 10cm high, the real car is cm high. Work out the length of the model car. We know that model: However, the real car is cm, so 1: To work out the answer, we convert the ratios into fractions: How much do they each get?

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First, add up the two numbers in the ratio to get 8. Next divide the total amount by 8, i. Map Scales If a map has a scale of 1: So 1cm on the map is equivalent to half a kilometre in real life.

Gcse mathematics past papers

So 1 inch on the map is 25 inches across the land, or 1cm on the map is 25 cm in real life. You can manipulate these ratios if necessary.Edexcel GCSE Mathematics Paper H/4H Mark Scheme Summer Mark Scheme Mark Scheme (Results) Edexcel GCSE Mathematics Sep 30,  · GCSE Mathematics Past Examination Papers!

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Gcse mathematics past papers

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