Homemaking the forgotten profession

The few hours, if any, that remain are normally dedicated to family, friends, hobbies, entertainment and spiritual pursuits. It is in this last category spiritual pursuits that our Christian culture has usually counseled us to develop our faith and pursue God's presence and kingdom. While practices such as Scripture reading and study, prayer and meditation, and fellowship and service to others are vitally important for our Christian experience, they generally are not incorporated into the remainder of our day. Yet, if we are to live entirely for God's glory 1 Cor.

Homemaking the forgotten profession

It's getting hot, life isn't quite as hectic as last month, and there's not much on the calendar for the next few weeks.

It's easy to get lazy at home. Here are a few ideas to fight off the apathy, the lack of interest, or the plain ol' annoyance at the cyclical nature of your job as home manager.

Remember that it's a job. When someone asks where you work, don't answer, "I don't work; I stay at home. Think of yourself as the COO of the home. If your home was Home, Inc. Start your day with a realistic morning routine.

Seasons in life call for flexibility, change, and not doing what you want all the time -- but do your best to write down a weekday morning routine for starting your day. Whether it be working out, reading your Bible and journaling, going on a walk, or simply showering and getting dressed before the family wakes up, do what you can to prepare yourself for a day of work.

After your morning routine, attack that one thing you dread the most. Start a load of wash right away, and make it your goal to get clean clothes in their closets by lunchtime.

Do you need to pay the bills but can't stand the work involved? Jump on it right away -- the weight will be off your shoulders for the rest of the day once they're paid. Spend a few minutes reading blogs that encourage you in your job as home manager. Flip through some home magazines you enjoy to motivate you to clean up the clutter.

Set a timer as you do this, so that you know when it's time to actually put your found inspiration to work. But, don't let those blogs and magazines discourage you.

Homemaking the forgotten profession

It's easy to throw in the towel before you even start your work when you read about other moms that seem to do everything, or look at glossy pages with gorgeous, stain-free furniture. If you're a perfectionistlike me, you might especially be prone to not doing anything at all if you think you can't do it expertly.

If this is you, make a point to not open your laptop or a magazine until a certain chunk of your checklist is crossed off. Photo by Rob 6.

Are you frozen with discouragement as you trip over the carpeting of Lego and stare at the pile of lunch dishes?HOMEMAKING. SELF CARE. ADVICE. ASK RPW. HUMOR. GIRL GAME. created by [deleted] a community for 2 years.

affairs, in the majority of cases it is even sought as a prerequisite for earning a living in the world, practicing a profession, or following a trade.

become so entranced by his power to stand against nature that he has forgotten her. Whether women chose a path in education, homemaking, employment, or all of the above, the important thing for Jennie June was that they were able to choose. History FACEBOOK 0.

Home-Making is an uncompromising vision statement for the domestic bliss and cultural dominion of the Christian family. The message of Home-Making is powerful: "Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives -- Home life is meant to be beautiful, ennobling, and victorious!"/5(37).

I agree with you I am a stay at home mum, with the amount of doctors apointments and all the specialist we see for my son I would not last at a work place for a month plus with the benefits we get because I am still at home and if I have to pay child care its just not worth going back to work.

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