Project on cement

Fiber Cement Fiber Cement cladding panels are ideal for ventilated, light weight facades, including wall systems, soffits, fascias, window elements, and balcony boards — just to name a few. When you select fiber cement cladding panels for your building, you benefit from numerous advantages and flexibility.

Project on cement

Shopping for cement blocks called hollow block in the Philippines is certainly not a top pick adventure story but anyway, perhaps someone will benefit from our experiences. Really, this is one chapter in the building of our Philippine house in Tigbauan, Iloilo. Carabao and surveyor eye each other warily.

Our lot was surveyed three times. The first was by the seller.

Project on cement

We asked the seller to resurvey the property before we bought it. They put in bamboo monuments. We had them come back and put in concrete monuments.

After the batter boards and lines using 16 gauge tie wire for the fence layout, the monuments were removed again when the column footers were dug. The above photo shows our lot as we bought it. These is normal wet season season flooding conditions in Philippine rice growing lands.

The soils are very heavy clay and tend to retain rain water — perfect for growing rice but not really ideal for residential development and especially not ideal for septic systems.

Many expats are willing and able to get personally involved in construction projects; hiring, supervising and firing local employees, shopping and bargaining for materials, getting permits and all the rest. Bob did not feel comfortable with doing that so we hired an architect to develop the plans and to oversee the project.

Yes, a building permit is required for the wall and to get a permit plans are needed. We also wanted plans and specification to ensure that the wall was actually built the way we wanted it to be built. We heard lots of stories about poor quality block. We told the architect that we wanted top quality block and that we wanted to approve the quality of the block in advance of its purchase and delivery.

That proved to be more difficult than we thought. Our architect knew of a major supplier of block to the Iloilo area so we piled into his car to visit the Damasco block plant in Pavia, Iloilo. I brought along my 20 oz. My theory was that rapping a block would at least determine if it would easily crumble.

The ring of hard concrete would also contrast with the dull sound of a over-sandy block. It was immediately clear that the block we were looking at was weak. When hit it, there was a very dull thud sound, not the ring of hard concrete. It was easy to tap a hole in the block.2 INTRODUCTION OF THE PRODUCT Cement concrete hollow blocks have an important place in modern building industry.

They are cost effective and better alternative to burnt clay bricks by. About Us The journey of Attock Cement started from the year and the company started its commercial production from In 25 years the company has shown a steady Growth despite the most adverse circumstances.

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It’s so overwhelming how many types of cement/concrete there is in the shops, I didn’t realise until starting this project! DIY | Cement Plant Pots is a little plain. You ought to glance at Yahoo’s front page and note how they create article headlines to .

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