Reflection thesis statement

A thesis statement should be specific and debatable, and an introduction should be engaging and informative. Narrow the Scope If the focus of the thesis is too broad, you will have too wide a range of information to cover. Capital Community College states that "when you try to do too much, you end up doing less or nothing at all. For example, rather than writing, "Drug experimentation on animals is unfair," you could write, "Drug experimentation on animals is inhumane and not an accurate measurement of the impact the drugs will have on humans.

Reflection thesis statement

While each instructor has his own criteria and specifications, the majority of reflection papers are no more than one to two pages in length. To write an effective and successful reflection, a student must start his paper with an introduction Reflection thesis statement eases the reader into the topic and briefly states what will be discussed via a thesis statement.

Reflection thesis statement

Make an outline of your reflection paper. Decide what you want to write about and how many paragraphs the entire paper will be. Number each planned paragraph and write a one-sentence description of what the paragraph will talk about.

Examples of thesis statement for an Reflective essay

Compile a short list of any assigned reading, textbooks or online resources you want to use to back up the claims and opinions you write about in your reflection paper. Start your introduction with an informative statement about the topic to get the reader interested in your paper. Make the statement specific to what you will be talking about in the rest of your paper and avoid making general or vague statements.

Write another sentence or two continuing the thoughts you presented in the opening statement. You could present important facts that you picked up from the assignment you completed or talk about overarching themes. End your introduction with a one-sentence thesis statement. In any document, including a reflection paper, a thesis statement is used by the writer to state one striking observation or conclusion that he has come to and how he plans to defend that position throughout the rest of the paper.

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It is important to make your position clear in the thesis statement and to be unwavering in that position throughout the remainder of the paper. Analyze what you have written and determine if the body and the conclusion of the paper match your thesis statement and follow logically from the information you presented in the introduction.

If it doesn't, either re-tool the body of the paper or edit your introduction to match the rest of the paper. Re-read through the entire paper carefully to catch any spelling or grammar errors. If you're using a word processing software on a computer, use the spell-check function to help you catch any misspellings.

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.Nonetheless, this reflection essay example shows what you have to include in your essay namely introduction with thesis statement, body that can be a description or narration, and a conclusion with your realization, insight or judgment.

Free Examples. Thesis Statement for Reflective Essays Should contain: 1.

How to Write a Thesis Statement ?

Event/ topic of focus 2. Event’s impact on you Example / A friend’s forgetfulness helped me see beyond my contempt of my great grandmother to contempt of myself for loving so conditionally. A thesis statement of a reflective essay is the projection of the knowledge on the issue and the author’s personal life experience.

Personal Work history and experiences essay I have been doing it for two month already and this job helps me to perfect my skills and I might even say – . How to write a Creative Reflective Essay Thesis? Thesis statement should include key thoughts that you are going to expand on later in the text.

How to Write an Effective Thesis Statement?. In outlining the conclusion, identify the thesis statement and add the main points from the body paragraphs as a recap.

Reflective Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Don't add new information to the conclusion, and be sure to identify the closing statement of your reflection paper. The personal nature of a reflection essay doesn't give you license to just slap some thoughts on paper.

Reflection thesis statement

Just like any academic assignment, you still need a clear introduction and thesis statement.

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