Role of ultrasound in the early

Lane, MD, and Jade J.

Role of ultrasound in the early

Role of ultrasound in the early

This study was conducted to evaluate the early, specific ultrasonographic USG findings in clinically suspected dengue hemorrhagic fever DHF along with its prognostic value.

From May to June20 patients were referred with high-grade fever and abdominal pain. All the patients underwent immediate abdominal USG. Treatment was stated on the bases of USG findings before the positive serology report.

After starting treatment the USG on the 3rd day showed reduction in GB wall thickening, which was almost cleared by the 7th day in clinically improving patients. All 20 patients had type-2 dengue fever, i.

Pleural effusion was either right-sided or bilateral, but never alone on the left side. Abdominal emergency USG can be used as a first-line imaging modality in patients with suspected DHF to detect early signs that are suggestive of the disease prior to obtaining serologic confirmation test results, especially in a dengue fever epidemic area.

Ultrasonography, dengue haemorrhagic fever, gall bladder wall thickening, honeycomb sign.The role of ultrasound evaluation in the detection of early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer.


D.A. Fishman, D. Singh, J.R. Lurain, K. BozorgiThe scientific basis for the early detection of early stage epithelial ovarian carcinoma: part 2, the future of early detection.

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