Smartpen custom papers

Overview The ChronoViz Digital Pen and Paper system allows you to use digital pen technology to link notes taken on digital paper to the rest of your data in ChronoViz, and to navigate your data with paper-based controls. The digital pen and paper integration in ChronoViz is the result of a collaboration between Adam Fouse and Nadir Weibeland part of our ongoing research in using advanced digital tools to support obervational research.

Smartpen custom papers

The Pros Easy to take and manage notes and audio ; Improved ergonomic design; Great desktop software; Lots of storage; The Cons Some apps difficult to use; Recording earbuds cost extra; Custom notebooks don't support Mac Verdict Livescribe's newest smartpen makes note-taking even easier and provides access to plenty of apps.

Review The original Livescribe Pulse added some much-needed digital functionality to the age-old pen. Its successor, however, the Echo, is less of a revamp than a refresh.

The solid core functionality of this device, however, along with such worthwhile upgrades as a better hardware design and an app store, makes for an especially compelling note-taking device.

When the Echo is used on Livescribe's proprietary dot paper, the pen records a digital image of anything that's written, and if the internal microphone is enabled, the audio also syncs with the text. After recording, simply tap the pen or click on any word once the page is uploaded to a computer to hear what was being said at that time.

Design Physically, the Echo is slightly larger than a permanent marker--the tapered body features a rubberized grip at the bottom and measures 6.

Except smartpen custom papers the pen's grip which is about 0. The Echo is also flattened on one side to prevent it from rolling around, which is a nice touch.

Its hard plastic and rubber exterior is certainly durable. At the top of the pen, there's a microUSB and 3. By comparison, the Pulse used a cradle for charging and a 2. On the side, the Echo also has a 96 x pixel OLED display, a power button, speaker, and microphone. If audio and writing is being recorded simultaneously, Livescribe says that the rechargeable battery should last for more than five hours.


For recording only audio or writing, the battery will go for more than 6 or 12 hours, respectively. Note-Taking and Audio Playback Writing and recording notes with the Echo is surprisingly straightforward.

If you only need to save a digital copy of your notes, just start writing on a page. Once you're done, the pen automatically stops recording. It you want to record audio as well, simply press the Record icon on the bottom of the page.

The recording process works both ways: Livescribe's dot paper makes audio playback similarly easy. At the bottom of every page, there are a handful of control buttons for adjusting everything from volume and playback speed to skipping positions within a recording.

The audio control panel also coordinates with the pen's display--for example, skipping a position in an audio stream brings up the same control on the screen.

This Digital Smartpen Allows You to Manipulate Handwritten Notes

Admittedly, it's a minor addition, but small details like this make the Echo especially user-friendly. The company sells a variety of notebooks and notepads with the dot paper, and users can print out their own pages for free at home.

The Echo's internal microphone only records in mono, but the sound quality was surprisingly good; voices came through clearly, and it was easy to distinguish from one person to the other.


If space is an issue, recording quality can be adjusted directly from the pen. Software Compared to its predecessor, the Echo's biggest changes are with the Livescribe Desktop software. As before, plugging the pen into a USB port copies any notes and audio onto your PC and the program shows all of the pages in an easy-to-read display.

Now any Livescribe paper product can also be used as an interactive, high-precision graphics tablet, with the smartpen being used as a real-time graphics stylus. I received a Moleskine pad and a writing on that paper, the content is transferred to an application and can be OCRed there. The paper looks special, with a grid of dots all over the place. Paper Templates. While Livescribe notebooks might be handy to just take freehand notes, sometimes more strtucture is required. ChronoViz supports the use of custom paper templates that can be printed directly through the digital pen and paper facilities of ChronoViz.

New, however, are custom notebooks, which work similarly to playlists in iTunes. Users can pulls notes from several different notebooks into a single notebook.

Being able to sort and compile multiple pages makes organization easy, but we wish this feature was available on the Mac version of the software.

In Livescribe Desktop, notes with audio which the company calls "pencasts" show up in a different color; clicking on them cues up whatever the microphone recorded at that time.Equil Smartpen 2 captures notes, sketches with a real pen.

Steven Sande, the Equil Smartpen 2 You can select the paper size (Letter, A4, A5, B5, B6 or custom), add tags to a note, name the. From paper that you use every day, such as printer paper and ruled pads, to card stock and resume paper, Quill has you covered.

smartpen custom papers

Shop the brands you love: . N Moleskine notebook is a classic large ruled one; it has a water-repellent cardboard bound cover, acid-free ivory colored papers, an elastic closure, and an expandable inner pocket. Each page contains Ncode™ which makes this classic notebook to work in conjunction with Neo smartpen N2 & M1.

This course is a great start for students to complete on their own before a face-to-face training with students that focuses on taking notes with their smartpen and offers some tips on note taking strategies that would be most effective with the Livescribe smartpen.

No doubt you noticed that your Livescribe pen came with a starter notebook.

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That’s because Livescribe pens use a special technology developed by the Anoto Group. Each Livescribe pen incorporates a tiny camera in the barrel of the device.

As you write, the camera tracks your pen’s movements against a field of dots on the paper. Share entire custom notebooks to Livescribe™ Online, or grupobittia.comt files.

smartpen custom papers

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