The important roles of the influencing factors on the nature of business

Economic Status and Occupations. Social Factors Every society has the majority of people who prefer to lead a harmonious life. They try to avoid unnecessary friction of conflicts with people. Naturally, they are inclined to develop positive attitudes towards most of the people and issues.

The important roles of the influencing factors on the nature of business

Internal factors are those factors which exist within the premises of an organization and directly affects the different operations carried out in a business. These internal factors are: It implies the culture and norms of the business.

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In other words, it means the regulatory framework of a business and every member of the organization has to act within the limits of this framework. Different priorities, policies and philosophies of a business is guided by the mission and objectives of a business. Financial factors like financial policies, financial position and capital structure also affects a business performance and its strategies.

Factors like the amount of support the top management enjoys from its shareholders, employees and the board of directors also affects the smooth functioning of a business. Suppliers are those people who are responsible for supplying necessary inputs to the organization and ensure the smooth flow of production.

Competitors can be called the close rivals and in order to survive the competition one has to keep a close look in the market and formulate its policies and strategies as such to face the competition.

The important roles of the influencing factors on the nature of business

Marketing intermediaries aid the company in promoting, selling and distribution of the goods and services to its final users. Therefore, marketing intermediaries are vital link between the business and the consumers. Economic factors includes economic conditions and economic policies that together constitutes the economic environment.

These includes growth rate, infation, restrictive trade practices etc. Which have a considerable immpact on the business. Social factors includes the society as a whole alongside its preferences and priorities like the buying and consumption pattern, beliefs of people their purchasing power, educational background etc.

The political factors are related to the management of public affairsAnd their impact on the business. Latest technologies helps in improving the marketablity of the product plus makes it more consumer friendly.

Therefore, it is important for a business to keep a pace withv the changing technologies in order to survive in the long run. Ask your own questions, and get answers from specialists on Bayt. These environmental factors can be categorized into external and internal environment of the businesses.

The internal environment of the company includes the factors which are within the company and under the control of company like product Organizational culture, Leadership, and Manufacturing quality.

On the other hand, the external factors are not under the control of the company and include Social environment, political conditions, suppliers, competitors of the company, Government regulations and policies, accounting agencies like Accounting standard board, Resources in an economy and demographics of people.

Some businesses are also affected by other environmental factors such as whether and access to raw material and technical expertise. To reduce the likelihood of damage to the environment, federal and state regulations require businesses consider certain natural environmental factors in their overall operations plans.In this paper, I review three major purposes for arms control negotiations — disarmament, stability, and advantage.

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The important roles of the influencing factors on the nature of business

The leader may exercise authority as an attribute of formal. Human resources management (HRM) is the oversight of employee recruitment, hiring and retention within an organization. Roles and responsibilities of HRM professionals vary by industry and by the. What's more important in determining life success—book smarts or street smarts?

This question gets at the heart of an important debate contrasting the relative importance of cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ). Some of the most important factors influencing consumer behaviour are as follows: A.

Marketing Mix Factors B. Personal Factors C. Psychological Factors D. Social Factors E. Cultural Factors. The study of consumer behaviour indicates how individuals, groups and organizations select, buy, use and.

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