The red cardigan

This is your everyday cozy cashmere cardigan sweater that you will need to go out with. It is great to wear alone, layer over your favorite shirts or lying under your favorite coats. Light weight yet very cozy. The factory employs the best technicians from Italy and Germany to integrate the latest European equipment and technology.

The red cardigan

Eggs in the natural The red cardigan collection of the Museum WiesbadenGermany Juveniles at nest, Berlin Usually red kites first breed when they are two years old, although exceptionally they can successfully breed when they are only one year old.

For migrant populations the fidelity to a particular nesting site means that the pair-bond is likely to be renewed each breeding season. A pair will sometimes use a nest from the previous year and can occasionally occupy an old nest of the common buzzard. The nest is lined with grass and sometimes also with sheep's wool.

Unlike the black kite, no greenery is added to the nest. Both sexes continue to add material to the nest during the incubation and nestling periods. Nests vary greatly in size and can become large when the same nest is occupied for several seasons.

The clutch is usually between one and three eggs but 4 and even 5 eggs have occasionally been recorded. The eggs are non-glossy with a white ground and red-brown spots.

The male will also bring food for the female. Incubation starts as soon as the first egg is laid. Each egg hatches after 31 to 32 days but as they hatch asynchronously a clutch of three eggs requires 38 days of incubation.

The chicks are cared for by both parents. The female broods them for the first 14 days while the male brings food to the nest which the female feeds to the chicks. Later both parents bring items of food which are placed in the nest to allow the chicks to feed themselves.

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The nestlings begin climbing onto branches around their nest from 45 days but they rarely fledge before days and sometimes not until they are days of age. The young spend a further days in the neighbourhood of the nest being fed by their parents. Only a single brood is raised each year but if the eggs are lost the female will relay.

It feeds on a wide variety of carrion including sheep carcasses and dead game birds. Live birds are also taken and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Earthworms form an important part of the diet, especially in spring. Illegal poison baits set for foxes or crows are indiscriminate and kill protected birds and other animals.

One such occurrence took place in MarlowBuckinghamshire a town near a major reintroduction site for the species in the UK in the nearby village of Stokenchurchin which Red Kites swooped down to steal sandwiches from people in one of the town's parks.

There is a population in northern Morocco. Northern birds move south in winter, mostly staying in the west of the breeding range, but also to eastern Turkeynorthern Tunisia and Algeria. The main threats to red kites are poisoning, through illegal direct poisoning and indirect poisoning from pesticides, particularly in the wintering ranges in France and Spain, and changes in agricultural practices causing a reduction in food resources.

Other threats include electrocution, hunting and trapping, deforestation, egg-collection on a local scale and possibly competition with the generally more successful black kite M. The Balearic Islands population has declined from 41—47 breeding pairs in to just 10 in In France, breeding populations have decreased in the northeast, but seem to be stable in southwest and central France and Corsica.

Populations elsewhere are stable or undergoing increases. In Sweden, the species has increased from 30—50 pairs in the s to 1, breeding pairs in In Switzerland, populations increased during the s, and have stabilised. Red kites are decreasing in their strongholds of Spain, France and Germany.

In the United Kingdom, red kites were ubiquitous scavengers that lived on carrion and rubbish.

The red cardigan

Shakespeare's King Lear describes his daughter Goneril as a detested kite, and he wrote "when the kite builds, look to your lesser linen" in reference to them stealing washing hung out to dry in the nesting season. Infrom occupied territories identified, at least pairs were thought to have hatched eggs and pairs reared at least young.

In the second stage of reintroduction in andfurther birds were brought from Germany to populate areas of Dumfries and Galloway.

Ninety-four birds were brought from the Chilterns and introduced into the Derwent Valley in North East England between and The reintroductions in the Chilterns have been a success. Between and90 birds were released in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and bypairs were breeding there.

So successful has the reintroduction been that 30 chicks have been transported from Rockingham Forest, for release in Cumbria. The Grizedale programme will be the ninth reintroduction of red kites into different regions of the UK, and the final re-introduction phase in England.

To establish a viable population of red kites in Grizedale, South Cumbria by The Red Lion is located in Cardigan, feet from Cardigan Castle and 11 mi from Newcastle Emlyn Castle.


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The red cardigan

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Chenille knit cardigan features pockets. The Red Merle and White is disqualified under the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Standard of as a merle other than blue merle. Identification may be extremely difficult for registration purposes. When identified, "Red Merle and White" should be written in on the blue slip.

When appropriate, a "Markings" identifier is used on the blue slip.

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