Unit 203 communication and proffesional relationships

Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults 1 The importance of effective communication in developing positive relationships with children young people and adults Teaching Assistants work closely with the children, and often with individual pupils when providing specialised support. It is essential that you show you are interested in the pupil by using correct communication skills.

Unit 203 communication and proffesional relationships

The study analyzes the different roles public relations plays in establishing and maintaining mutual understanding and goodwill between organizations and their publics and also identifies com- munication as an indispensable tool of public relations practice.

A conceptual analysis of the concept of public relations, communication processes, methods and forms was undertaken to tease out the organizational role of public relations. The study emphasized relationship management as the overall goal of public relations which cannot be realized without communication.

ORG ISSN 2 Introduction The essence of public relations is to build and manage mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics for a successful organization [1]; [2].


In other words, what PR seeks to do basically is to manage relationship between an organization and its publics.

In so doing, public relations inevitably employ communication as a tool for reaching out to these publics. Based on this fact, this paper examines the role of communication in public relations with particular reference to relationship management.

Unit 203 communication and proffesional relationships

Conceptualizing Public Relations There is not one single generally accepted definition of public relations; instead, there are many ways of defining or conceptualizing the broad concept. PR is the management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and the pub- lics on whom its success or failure depends.

The conception by Brooms is in line with that of the Canadian Public Relation Society adopted in [4], which says that: Public relations is the strategic management of relationships between an organization and its diverse pub- lics, through the use of communication, to achieve mutual understanding, realize organizational goals, and serve the public interest.

Further, Public Relations practice is an art which aims to achieve and sustain favourable relationship between an organization and all those who affect and are affected by its activities. It is a key management function which ensures that an organization enjoys the public goodwill and friendship which are very essential to its success.

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On his part, [6], revealed that in the effort to define Public Relations and distinguish it from other organizational functions, the concept of relationships may be the most distinctive.

Agreeing, [7], noted that definitions of PR such as the management of relationships be- tween organisations and its publics stakeholders have been widely used adding that in the past decade the theorization of Public Relations as relationship management has made progress.

An Overview According to [6], a relationship represents a connection or linkage between two groups. In fact, Relationships may be central to organizational success.

Unit 203 communication and proffesional relationships

Relationships as conceptualized in this study reflect Broom, et al. Also, [10], pointed out that rela- tionships help an organization manage its interdependence with the environment, and that relationships provide context for public behavior and save money by preventing crises or minimizing their effects.

In his own observation, [12] explained that the relationship management perspective holds that public relations balances the inter- ests of organizations and publics through the management of organization— public relationships adding that the concept of relation- ship management underscores the need for public relations practitioners to be conversant with strategic planning and other manage- rial processes.

Relationship management is a system employed by an organization in maintaining a continuous level of engagement between the organization and publics. In essence, Relationship manage- ment seeks to engender partnership between the organization and its publics.

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Relationship management in Public Relations appears to be the purpose of scholarship in the strategic management paradigm of Public Relations.

According to [14], Management of relationships is vital to the well-being of the organisation and its up-stream and down- stream partners. The most valuable of all business relationships are likely to be those that are collabora- tive.

Where organisations work together using their specialised resources innovatively to achieve aims and objectives that could not be realised on their own, collaborative relationship management principles will apply.

Relationship management is one of the most important management systems that should be in place and as such it should be clearly documented both in policy and in practice. It uses its own virtu- ous action cycle that acknowledges the joint nature of the endeavour and ensures that performance in- creases become inevitable.

Basically, relationship management is a fundamental objective of Public Relations; in fact, it is arguably the overall end or purpose of Public Relations.

In this vein, Public Relations can therefore be described as seeking to create a favourable relationship between an organization and its publics, strengthening this relationship and sustaining it towards the overall success of the organisation. In line with this, [12], the notion of relationship management is consistent with major theoretical concepts such as systems theory and the two-way symmetrical model of [15] and also accommodates relevant middle-range theories.

This theory looks at organizations as made up of correlative parts, adapting and adjusting to changes inherent in the political, economic and social environment in which they operate [16]. Since its first exploration by a biologist, Ludwig von Bertalanffy insystems theory has become a trans-disciplinary field [17].

Its application to Public Relations seeks to explain how organizations interact with the internal and external environments and manage such interactions [18]. This implies that communication plays a strong role in the interdependence of the PR practitioner, the organi- zation, and its publics.

The organizations then receive feedbacks from the publics on those outputs and adjust accordingly. Those with closed systems do not seek for new information, they rather work with past happenings or their preferences.positive relationships are effective communication skills.

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Students will gain practical experience in managing teams, resolving conflict, and building professional and effective relationships. Special emphasis will be placed on managing difficult behavioral human situations, whether among employees within the organization or with external stakeholders.

This unit applies to all support staff roles in schools and is particularly suitable for cultural contexts on relationships and communication should also be explored.

It is essential that learners understand the communication skills needed to establish and maintain relationships. Learners .

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