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Upload essay checker plagiarism

It is a term known to all and unfortunately practiced by many. It is also called intentional plagiarism as the writer knows exactly what he is doing.

Upload essay checker plagiarism

Example of direct duplication: There has been an alarming increase in the rate of plagiarism in the past decade. When caught for duplication it is an extremely embarrassing situation for the writer. There has been an alarming increase in the rate of duplicate content. When caught for duplicate content, it is a very awkward and embarrassing situation for the writer.

Although a couple of words have been added to the original text, the word to word copy categorizes it as direct duplication. It is a highly unethical act that is grounds for both serious disciplinary action and punishment.

Example of Mosaic plagiarism: It is attempted by a student in his school paper without citing the original source or giving quotation marks; Original Text: We need to ask ourselves the important question whether we love life or not?

If we do, we should make sure that no further time is wasted as that is the stuff life is made up of.

Upload essay checker plagiarism

Self plagiarism It occurs when somebody reuses or recycles previous content published by themselves, without giving a reference or citing that this content has been used before. This kind of plagiarism is also known as duplicate publication. Unintentional plagiarism It refers to the failure to cite the original source of the content.

It is accidentally leaving the required citation owing to ignorance of the rules of citation and duplicate content. There are many instances where duplication is accidental. Less common but with so much information available online, coincidental matching of a sentence or two is not impossible.

Regardless it is still considered as an intellectual crime and is deemed as a punishable act. Using copied or stolen content in itself is not a crime, but it is considered an intellectual crime and a serious offense.

It can have serious repercub ssions for the plagiarist. Punishments vary in different countries. When caught for duplicate content students can be temporarily expelled from their educational institution with the punishment at times being as severe as permanent expulsion.

When caught for duplication the respective professional has to face the embarrassment of stepping down from their post. Depending on the nature of copied content and its severity, it could result in serious legal penalties and hefty fines.

Though it is uncommon, but not impossible to be sentenced to jail for up to a year. There are only two ways that you can avoid both intentional and unintentional plagiarism. Properly cite your work Getting help or self-educating oneself on the rules of citation is of utmost importance to prevent all types of duplication.

Using a plagiarism detector The ultimate solution to put your mind at ease regarding copied content is to use a plagiarism detector.

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