Why the youth should not be forced to join the military

I never hear military members carp about the I sometimes hear them complain about an aging fleet or back-to-back deployments or diminishing benefits or my persistent desire to go out to dinner. Yet I never hear people in the military wish that everyone else would serve. I am such a slacker.

Why the youth should not be forced to join the military

The vast majority of young people wind up in the military for different reasons, ranging from economic pressure to the desire to escape a dead-end situation at home to the promise of citizenship.

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Over all, disenfranchisement may be one of the most accurate words for why some youth enlist. By the early s, the term "poverty draft" had gained currency to connote the belief that the enlisted ranks of the military were made up of young people with limited economic opportunities.

Today, military recruiters react angrily to the term "poverty draft. Any inference that those currently serving do so because they have few other options is met with a sharp rebuke, as Sen.

John Kerry learned last November when he seemed to tell a group of college students they could either work hard in school or "get stuck in Iraq. Kerry owes them an apology. It is not so much that one either studies hard or winds up in Iraq but rather that many U. Recruiters may not explicitly target "the poor," but there is mounting evidence that they target those whose career options are severely limited.

Disclosure For several years, I was a soldier-medic in the US Army. I saw countless military and family members.
The Making of an American Soldier: Why Young People Join the Military | Alternet So whenever we talk about it, we should be careful about how to treat it and discuss it; otherwise we might face some unwanted consequences especially if we are living in Middle Eastern countries.
Recommended Unemployment rates for veterans exceed that of the general population in similar age groups. Student loans suck, but a lot fewer people get shot at the financial aid office than in Afghanistan.

According to a Associated Press analysis, "nearly three-fourths of [U. More than half came from towns where the percentage of people living in poverty topped the national average.

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When working-class youth make it to their local community college, they often encounter military recruiters working hard to discourage them. I can offer you more.

Add in race as a supplemental factor for how class determines the propensity to enlist and you begin to understand why communities of color believe military recruiters disproportionately target their children.

But the millions of Pentagon dollars spent on special recruiting campaigns for Latino and African-American youth contradicts their claim.

Reasons To Not Join the Military | grupobittia.com

According to an Army Web site, the goal of the "Hispanic H2 Tour" was to "Build confidence, trust, and preference of the Army within the Hispanic community. In short, the nexus between class, race, and the "volunteer armed forces" is an unavoidable fact.

In working-class communities of every color, there are often long-standing traditions of military service and links between service and privileged forms of masculinity. For communities often marked as "foreign," such as Latinos and Asians, there is pressure to serve in order to prove that one is "American.

Altruism -- or as youth often put it, "I want to make a difference" -- is also a major reason a significant number of people enlist. It is a terrible irony that contemporary American society provides working-class youth with few other outlets besides the military for their desire for agency, personal empowerment, and social commitment.

It is especially tragic whenever U. Within a worldview of pre-emptive war and wars of choice, the altruism and good intentions of young people become one more sentiment to be manipulated and exploited in order to further the aims of a small group of policymakers.Of course, the idea that there can be any social ‘science’ answer to whether the U.S.

military should integrate women into ground combat forces is silly. Proponents might like to think that objective metrics can be devised.

Jul 25,  · Why join a military that doesn't care about you, just ask that Marine sitting over in that Mexican Prison not that far from the US.

Why the youth should not be forced to join the military

No man left behind is Reviews: people in the military, making U.S. forces unreliable and less powerful. Instead of serving exclusively in the military, every young person should have the option of participating in some kind of public service that suits.

The Military is not for everyone, and thank God not everyone is forced to serve. But if your reading this and you want to make a difference in the world check one of the branches out, it might have something beneficial to offer you.

Why the youth should not be forced to join the military

If you’re looking out for what’s best for you, don’t join the military. It’s just not in your best interest. To start with, you’re pretty much guaranteed to spend some length of time at.

What You Should Know Before You Join the Military If you're considering joining the military, here are the top 10 things you should know before you step into a recruiters offi Steps to Joining.

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